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We provide cutting-edge, data driven and budget-friendly  talent acquisition strategies. Our expertise is identifying exceptional, highly qualified "Passive Talent" who may not be readily found on traditional job boards.

We work with you at each stage of the talent journey.  No matter what your talent needs are, we help you develop a strategy that identifies and attracts the right people to achieve your business goals.


Together we'll execute a talent acquisition strategy that attracts, sources and secures the right people for short and long-term growth. We tailor our services to fit your budget, ensuring transparency with predetermined costs per hire and no unexpected surprises!



Explore two streamlined options:

  1. Choose flexibility by paying only for the hours you require, creating a budget-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes.

  2. Opt for a hassle-free approach with a pre-negotiated flat fee. We guarantee timely position fulfillment, ensuring success while managing costs effectively.

Harnessing cutting-edge AI technology, we identify top-tier talent without the premium price tag associated with traditional search firms or job boards.



With our Retained Executive Search service, you can expect a thorough and confidential process, a carefully curated shortlist of top talent, and ongoing support from start to finish, one exceptional hire at a time. 


Before undertaking any assignment, we quote our fees. This enables you to accurately estimate the cost of our services well in advance and work within your budget.



Discover the efficiency of our hourly resume sourcing service where you establish a set number of hours, offering a cost-effective solution to trim recruitment expenses by paying only for the precise hours required. Experience swift results with our fast turnaround time, receiving pre-screened resumes according to your timeline, enabling you to initiate interviews and hiring sooner. Let us manage the groundwork, presenting a curated shortlist of qualified candidates. Our goal is to empower you to concentrate on your strengths—making strategic hiring decisions.

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Elevate your talent acquisition strategy with our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) Service 


With the flexibility to transfer either all or part of your recruitment processes to our team, our RPO services offer a tailored approach to meet your Company’s specific needs. 


We function as your company's dedicated ambassador and we assume the role of in-house recruiters, streamlining the recruitment process for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.


We provide strategic guidance throughout the entire process – from talent consulting to onboarding support. We guarantee that all sourced and recruited talent remain exclusive to our clients, safeguarding their unique talent pool. 


Payment options include a cost-per-hire model, a cost-per-resource structure, or a hybrid blend of both, providing adaptability to suit diverse business requirements.



We possess deep expertise in identifying ideal profiles for Board of Director candidates.


While experience is important, research indicates that 80% of a director's success depends on who they are, their communication, and collaboration skills, not just their past achievements. With extensive experience in cultivating strong board leadership, we specialize in executive board searches tailored to your needs.


Regardless of your industry, a seamless transition when a board member departs or a new one arrives is crucial. A vacant board seat leads to setbacks and challenges for the incoming member's adjustment. When effectively built and efficiently run, corporate boards become strategic assets, providing continuous competitive advantage.

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