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Our Services

At Recruit To Suit, we don't find candidates: we identify future leaders, problem solvers, and game changers who will drive your company's success. We're redefining the way you view talent acquisition. We deliver innovative, cost-effective recruitment solutions to reduce spending and to maximize your recruiting budget. We specialize in identifying needle-in-the-haystack talent, who are diverse, highly qualified  “Passive Candidates” not found on traditional job boards.

What We


Retained Search

  • We take a personalized and strategic approach to retained search.

  • Before undertaking any assignment, we quote our fees. This enables you to accurately estimate the cost of our services well in advance and work within your budget.

  • With our retained search service, you can expect a thorough and confidential process, a carefully curated shortlist of top talent, and ongoing support from start to finish, one exceptional hire at a time. 


Full Cycle Recruitment Solutions

  • We work within your budget. Your cost per hire is determined up front - no surprises.

  • Pay only for the hours you need, making it a budget friendly option for all businesses of all sizes.

  • We commit to filling every position in a timely manner, ensuring a successful outcome while keeping costs in check.

  • We leverage cutting-edge AI technology to identify high-qualified talent without the premium price tag of traditional search firms or job boards.


Resume Sourcing

  • With our hourly resume sourcing service, you set a pre-determined amount of hours. We deliver a cost-effective way to reduce recruitment cost and pay for only the exact hours you need.

  • Fast turnaround: We deliver pre-screened resumes on your timeline so you can start interviewing and hiring sooner. 

  • We'll handle the leg work, delivering a refined shortlist of qualified candidates. We want to allow you to focus on what you do best - making strategic hiring decisions.

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