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The Company with the Best Talent Wins!

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers Survey, "78% of chief executives cited talented workers as their number one priority for company success in the next year."


  • At Recruit to Suit, we’re in the business of uniting employers with top talent in a unique, cost effective and innovative manner!

  • We provide a higher level of service than any staffing or search firm you have ever used and we guarantee to fill jobs & complete projects assigned to complete satisfaction & at lower rates than staffing or search firms!

Who We Are

We are highly accomplished Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Experts, focused in recruitment of “Needle in Haystack-Hard to Find”, passive talent, using a variety of innovative techniques and are skilled in precision recruitment and expert at hands at recruiting professionals at all levels, in all sectors, of most industries since 1999


When you choose to partner with Recruit To Suit, you have our commitment to provide services tailored to your Company’s unique needs, goals and culture.-We are not an “outsourcing” firm: rather we are a sophisticated, technology-enabled business service company, that can have dramatic impact on the quality of your organization. We have the experience and expertise to help you think strategically about your hiring: what type of people are you looking for? Where should we source them? How can we compete for top talent with our competitors? And how do we make sure we are hiring the best people and delivering a world-class candidate experience?



The Human Capital Behind Our Scenes 

Recruit To Suit was Founded by Ms. Shawn Feinstein

Highly strategic, energetic, results oriented, global Recruitment Professional, who brings a unique and diversified wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table stemming from a wide range of senior-level executive positions at various firms for the past 18 years in both the U.S. and Canada, where she gained a reputation as a no-nonsense expert.

Shawn is able to draw upon a rich history of expertise in EXECUTIVE SEARCH, RECRUITMENT, business development, strategic planning, communications planning, execution, client retention and networking, possessing the talent to go the “EXTRA MILE”, enhancing her ability to achieve unprecedented success.

A visionary who looks beyond individual projects and considers the "big picture," Shawn continually studies how her clients' interests are affected by emerging forces in the media, culture, and economy. 

She brings an entrepreneur's creativity, optimism and drive for excellence to each client relationship, determined to deliver fresh ideas, quality work and honest value with each project. She is a business professional, with a Strong Bottom Line For Results

Shawn’s proven business success assists clients with strategic market growth, public relations, marketing, media training, productization, revenue production, change management, workplace communication and ultimately expanded profitability.

Under Shawn’s leadership, Recruit To Suit an International Talent Acquisition and Recruitment  Consulting Firm, has quickly become a competitive force in the marketplace. 

Prior to Recruit To Suit, Shawn has been a successful businesswoman in her own right, having started and managed several firms in the recruitment industry. 

Shawn’s secret? "A determined 'can do' attitude produces results."

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