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A Unique Value Proposition

Reach 82% Of Professionals, Who Are Unique, Highly Qualified  “Passive Candidates” NOT Found On Traditional Job Boards

  • Global, National and Local Direct Sourcing, Screening, Interview Tools, Salary Negotiation, Making the Offer & Closing the Deal, Reference Verifications, Background Checks, Relocation & Transitioning, On Boarding and much


  • Recruit To Suit works on a retainer based relationship with our clients. Before undertaking any assignment, we quote our fees.  This enables our clients to accurately estimate the cost of our services in well in advance and work within your budget


Full Cycle Talent Acquisition Solution:  Billed Hourly, with this option, the cost per hire is determined up front

We guarantee to fill every job assigned to us within the pre determined # of hours budgeted for each position and we bring every search to a successful conclusion as cost-effectively as possible; and give our clients the benefit of us often being able to present the perfect candidate at less of a fee that any staffing or search firm can. 


Resume Sourcing Service: Billed Hourly, set a pre-determined amount of hours you want to invest

No Full Life Cycle Recruiting-We simply source the resumes on your behalf (usually 15-25 per position requirements) and then we pass the baton to your team, who interview, coordinate, drive the offer process and on-boarding to hire.


Our sourcing service will:

  • Decrease recruitment spend

  • Maximize recruiting dollars

  • Implement a consistent sourcing and selection process across all locations

  • Increase productivity in the HR department

  • Reduce time spent on unqualified or overqualified candidates

  • Locate, attract and recruit the best talent in the market

  • Maintain a consistent pipeline flow of candidates

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